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Monday, August 3, 2015

Character Four: Nerek Quickwhisper

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

I was having a little writers block when I started this one so there is a chart I usually don’t roll on. All the classes before the Advanced Classes Guide (ACG) have a random chart. For our Halfling I went Gunslinger and that has a chart I rolled on.

Defining moment

Guns are inexorably linked to a moment where your life dramatically changed. Perhaps you were so sickly as a child that you couldn't turn a crossbow's winch or bend a bow, but firearms showed you that you could still hunt and fight. Perhaps you picked up a firearm in a desperate moment to help a wounded gunslinger and knew that you had just taken your first step along the same path. a firearm at your side instills in you a sense of purpose and destiny that no one can take away.
As with our previous gnome, I made some changes to the base race using the features in the Advanced Races Guide (ACG) and I also picked some traits so you can see where the characters is getting some of his flavor. For the record I love traits, they are really good at making each character unique.
Nerek Quickwhsiper

Halfling Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)

The Mysterious stranger lets me use Cha for Grit instead of Wis so it’s a no-brainer. I also switched out some racial abilities so the current ones are as follows. Plus the two starting traits

Adaptable Luck
Swift as Shadows
Weapon Familiarity
Keen Senses


Silent Hunter

You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth checks, and Stealth is always a class skill for you.

Black Powder Fortune

As long as you are wielding a firearm, you gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws against curse, fear, and emotion effects.

Nerek Quickwhisper son of the smith Arak Quickwhisper and Marita Thistledown. Born of a secret tryst between the two lovers. Marita was promised to local businessman Elspan Winterleaf but fell in love with Arak, Nerek's birth being the first proof of her dalliance. The bastard son of Arak drove Elspan who was also the leader of the local Halfling mafia into such a rage that he made an attempt to kill Arak but Marita sacrificed herself to save him. No one could ever link Elspan to the murder but everyone knew it was him.

Nerek's childhood was a happy one even without a mother. His father raised him well and doted on him, as he reminded him of his mother. Although Nerek was bright he still had a tendency to get in trouble by doing what the other kids told him to. He was good natured but a tad gullible. As a result there were punishments which toughened up the young Halfling considerably. Nerek made friends easy, even lovers although his absent mindedness meant his romantic relationships didn't last long.

It was in his late adolescence when he met Gilean Niblefingers and the two were almost inseparable. Gilean became the sounding board for all of Nerek's ideas, hopes and dreams. It was also from Gilean that Nerek learned what happened to his mother. Arak had never really talked about Marita's death it still saddened him, but he also sought to protect his son. Rightfully so as when Nerek found out that Elspan Winterleaf was thought responsible he went into a rage. Nerek's heart ached and he sought revenge.

The plan was simple, sneak onto what amounted to the Winterleaf estate and kill Elspan as he had killed Nerek's mother. For the first time even Gilean didn't know the plan, Nerek didn't want to get his friend in more trouble than he could handle. Nerek hunted his prey in the dead of night, sneaking past what little amounted to Halfling home defense. Nerek's natural agility made it easy, and he found himself right in the room of Elspan. Dagger in hand he looked over the snoring form, but couldn't do the deed. Angry and sad and hurt, murder was still not in his heart. So the distraught Halfling looked around and grabbed the strange thing off the night stand, he took Elspans gun, the gun that killed his mother.

Horrible at keeping secrets Nerek spilled his guts to Gilean the next day. Gilean being of good heart, and sounder mind then his friend made Nerek tell his father. Some harsh memories were dredged up that day, but Arak knew how Marita was killed and he knew this was the weapon that did it. Nerek vowed to never let it harm an innocent again, but to learn to use it for the greater good. The thing that took his mother would never bring fear to any again, especially not Nerek.

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