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Friday, May 6, 2016

Exiled in Shadows

Devotees of Count Ranalc

Count Ranalc, the exiled fey lord, the only member of the Eldest who does not reside in the first world. The Eldest have many goals, almost all of them inscrutable. We have already look at Ng and The LostPrince, but Count Ranalc is even more of a mystery. Exiled to the plane of shadows for reasons unknown, his clerics still receive power but not so much guidance. Why has he been banished? Where is he hiding in the realm of shadows?

As always let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower of The Lost Prince. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of this member of the Eldest. What character do you make?

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The Second Men

Although not all men, this small sect of Count Ranalc worshipers in Taldor boasts some of the most well trained duelists in the country. They specialize in being the second to those who have been betrayed. Whether it is by a business partner, or a lover, or a political rival it doesn’t matter to the Second Men. What matters is they help right the wrong committed upon those they take up the blade for.

Becoming one of the Second Men isn’t just about learning to swing a sword. Each of the Second Men have faced major betrayal in their own lives and have sought Count Ranalc to help ease their pain. It is only through the divine guidance of the Count that the wronged can even find the Second Men to begin with. They offer training so that the injured party might right the wrong and when they succeed they may join the Second Men. Those who fail, usually aren’t around to complain about being denied entry.

The Fangwood Elves

This enclave of elves are a holdover of surface elves from before Starfall. They did not flee Golarion like many of their kin, they burrow deep to hide in the darklands, and they did not lower themselves to seek succor among the shorter lived races. Their choice to remain in their ancestral home, however, has seen them become exiled from their people, albeit self-imposed. They have also turned their back on the elven gods and embraced their fey roots by seeking to follow Count Ranalc among the shadow-draped trees of the Fangwood.

One does not so much join the Fangwood elves are born into it. These elves lead a very strict and regimented lifestyle, eschewing the more carefree ways of their kin. The Fangwood has become the home to a great green dragon named Zedoran and more recently bands of orcs from the Hold of Belzkan that have taken to worshiping it. The wood has also seen a blight that has corrupted many a fey, including a powerful dryad, Arlantia. The Fangwood elves fight a battle on two sides and to this end their people live an act in a militaristic fashion.

The Shadow Seekers

The Count has been banished for thousands of years from the first world and the Shadow Seekers aim to find out why. This small sect within the church of Count Ranalc know that they continue to have their prayers granted and their spells bestowed upon them, but direct communion with their patron has ceased. This group of hunters searches the shadow plane looking for Count Ranalc to find answers to their questions.

Hunting on the plane of shadow is no easy task. Avoiding the many insubstantial monsters that exist there is a difficult proposition; and beyond the roaming shadowy beasts there are the great umbral dragons, the Kyton Demagogues who are near gods in their own right, and the unofficial ruler of the realm of shadows Zon-Kuthon himself. The groups of Shadow Seekers included more than just clerics, but shadow wizards, rangers who specialized in the outer planes, and those who have mastered the art of the shadow dancer. To survive the plane of shadows one must understand the darkness.

You’ve seen my sects and maybe they’ve inspired you in your creation of a worshiper of Count Ranalc. Who is your devotee? Why have they chosen to dedicate himself to the Count? Where did they even learn of the Fey Lord? Let me know in the comments.

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