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Friday, May 19, 2017

Character 77 - Cratan Valiste

I’m a fan of aasimar and this week’s random rolls brought us one whose celestial line comes from the fiery – and native to the material plane – Peri. Being a worshiper of Brigh working some kind of tech or invention into the character seemed a no brainier. How to work that in on the other hand, not so easy. There were actually two alchemist archetypes I liked but eventually I went with the construct rider. So I present to you this week’s complete character.

Cratan Valiste

Pandor Valiste was a smith and an inventor. Although many of his inventions were just deemed “toys” by most, he had a grander vision of himself. When he was young he moved from his home in Taldor in hopes of learning from the Technic League. Pandor’s skill may have been above the pale but it was not anywhere near what the League was looking for. That combined with his lack of magical ability left Pandor dejected.

Rather than return home the young inventor set up shop in Numeria’s neighboring kingdom of Brevoy. He settled in one of the many small scenic towns and set up shop. Within a year he had a son, very soon after that he was married to the local girl that had his child. He had a simple life, although he had given up on his “toys” to afford to raise his family.

Early on it was evident that Cratan was not a normal child. The shocking red hair combined with the almost albino white skin were the first signs. When he hit puberty and filled the house with a smoke cloud it was well evident that he was more than just human. Whether from his father or his mother somewhere along the line the blood of the Upper Planes had found a home within him.

Cratan was always in awe of his father and spent his early years watching the man make things with his hands. If not for his son’s interest Pandor may have given up inventing altogether. The one question the young boy always had was, “how does this work.” Naturally inquisitive Pandor knew that one day his son would out do even him.

Sure enough Caratan did take after his father, inventing was in his blood. He would create small clockwork toys just like his father but many of these went above and beyond. His fire breathing dragon toy was the talk of the younger children of the town and may have gone unnoticed outside of his home if not for a diviner of the Technic League, whose device that detected innate talent found him.

The Half-Orc woman arrived on the family’s doorstep. Quickly bypassing Caratan’s two younger siblings and picking out the young Aasimar as a possible contestant of an annual competition in Starfell for fledgling investors. The talent scout was doubly impressed that the child had appeared to pick up orcish without a teacher and could speak to her in her mother’s tongue. The fire breathing clockwork automaton was the icing on the cake and an offer was made to have the boy come to Starfell for the competition.

Pandor packed a bag for the trip and headed off with his son to the capitol of Numeria. During the journey he managed to garner a fascination for the woman who came to bring his son to the destiny he had hoped for. But all Cratan could think about was the competition.

The Aasimar had never had as many resources as he did in the competition. They Technic League could supply almost anything he wanted. With the ability to do more than he ever had before Cratan put his mind, body, and soul into his work.  His end product was a full sized horse that could think on its own. His creation won him the competition and tutelage from the half-orc who found him.

Cratan lived for years among the Technic League learning to refine his craft which included now a number of alchemical reagents as well as his automaton crafting. His father would come to see him every few months, although that wasn’t the only reason he came. When the first of his half siblings was born to his mentor it was obvious that his father had consummated his infatuation.

Life in Starfell was not all it was cracked up to be however. The League was harsh and often violent, the minions of the black sovereign even more so. Although the now adult aasimar was never one to really worry about anything more than his own inventions his Peri blood would occasionally get the better of him. When he saw two of the town guard beating a poor trader for no reason he snapped.  He and his now iconic mechanical mount beat the two guards within an inch of their lives.

This event forced Cratan to flee Starfell. He took what meager supplies he could scrounge and rode as far as he could. Now that he was a man without a home, he decided to make a name for himself. For him it would no longer be about the League, or his father. It would now be about building the best inventions he could and using them to affect the world around him.

Did this character turn out close to yours? What class did your aasimar choose? Who was his seer/mentor? And why did he need to seek justice? Why does he have half-orc siblings? How did he come to worship Brigh?

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