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Friday, July 1, 2016

Character Exploration 44 - Alisanna Underroot

This week’s random rolls are a female elf. The stats showed us a strong and quick character with a low con. Low mental stats across the boards means that casting classes are pretty much out of the question. Stand up fighter seemed like a bad idea as well, even with the high strength, so just a few things were left open. Looking at the fact that religion is her one true motivation and she worships Nivi Rhombodazzle, Rogue seemed the way to go. I had some ideas for background sorted out, but a roll on the class background generator took me in a whole other direction.

Rogue Training: [Spy] You've always had an innocent expression and a silver tongue, so naturally you were recruited as a spy during your childhood. You could have come from any social class; you might have gathered information as an urchin on the streets or acted as servant to one lord while you reported to another. You gain access to the Fast Talker trait.

As a note on mechanics: For this class I decided to go with the Sczarni Swindler archetype. Although she is not actually Sczarni, the archetype is perfect for what I am going for. Since a class is just a chassis for rules, I have no issue with just calling her a swindler.

Alisanna Underroot

Once Razmiran was a part of the River Kingdoms, a place where one could get lost from the world. Many a forlorn elf has found a home in the wild areas. When the living god Razmir took the Arch-Duchy of Melcat as his own, many who lived there were trapped under the tyrant’s rule. Celderic and Issalla Underroot were two such elves stuck right smack-dab in the middle of Razmiran.

Through her childhood Alisanna lived a mostly peaceful life in the Arch-Duchy of Melcat. Her family represented the only elves in the little village that would later become the town of Pilgrimage. For 80 years the only thing she had to worry about was the local bullies who picked on her because of her ears. When Razmir came and they took the area by force, the pogroms began soon after.

Those who would not bow to Razmir and convert to his religion were taken away. Fear gripped everyone and in an attempt to save themselves, people turned on each other. But that didn’t stop those who wouldn’t give up their faith from starting an underground. Even those who didn’t worship the same deities clung to each other for safety in their worship.

The Underfoots have always called the elvish deity Yuelral as their patron. As gem cutters by trade they found solace in the goddess’ faith. Issalla could not give up her faith when it was demanded. Even though she covered her tracks and hid her faith, not every other faithful was an ally. When they came calling Alisanna told them nothing, but still she failed her mother and the masked priests took her away.

With her father withdrawn and her own faith shaken Alisanna lost her way. She began picking fights with everyone, especially as the village grew around the roadside tavern into Pilgrimage. She also took to taking what she wanted and getting in with the wrong sorts. All of this seemed to be taking her down the wrong path until a blue haired gnome caught her cheating at cards.

Glipslip was a friend of Alisanna’s mother. He was among those who would worship with Issalla when they did so in hiding. When they had to worship in hiding they would do it together. The Gnome was an adherent of the faith of Nivi Rhombodazzle. With her father closed off because of the abduction and probable demise of her mother, Alisanna was left in the dark. Glislip brought her into the fold of The Grey Polychrome.

The gnome’s teachings were not just in the faith of Nivi, but also the fine art of gambling. Alisanna learned to use the harrow deck in the many games of chance that people liked to play. New found marks became easier and easier as Pilgrimage grew into a town known by some for its underground trade, outside the prying eyes of the Church of Razmir.

All the illicit trade also meant a lot of illicit talk. Alisanna heard from an informant that heard from an informant that heard from a guy that an elf woman was still being held somewhere in the heart of the Exalted Woods. Alisanna hopes beyond hope that this is her mother and seeks to free her from her imprisonment. To that end she’s taken to working with any underground efforts within the realm of Razmiran so that one day she can work her way to this secret facility.

And there you have it, an elf in the heart of Razmiran. This is my character, what you would have created? Does Rogue fit your thinking or is another class better? In what manner would the faith of Nivi Rhombodazzle be central to your character? What would you have done different?

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