CRB is a repository of all the creative things that float through my mind about the RPG Pathfinder. Two major features are random character generation and building characters based on the god they worship. Anything that seems like it adds to the creative aspects of the game will pop up from time to time, including location descriptions, adventure ideas and even short stories. CRB won't just be my own creativity, it will open the floor to anyone who has an idea sparked by what I present to you.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Cultures of Celmae: Oyapok

Hot of the presses from Wayward Rogues publishing comes a look at the marsupial like Oyapok. Heavily Cajun flavored, you can add a taste of the bayou to your game with this small semi-aquatic race. Tied to the land of their birth join them as they begin to travel beyond the waterways of their home. Include are the Oyapok’s history, physiology, and societal structure, as well as family and religious customs. Full mechanics for bringing the race into your game including two racial archetypes geared toward their mastery of the spirits of the river.

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