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Friday, June 10, 2016

Character Exploration 41 - Hassa

The third piece in our week of the kasatha sees the fleshing out of our random rolls from Monday. Some of the background here uses what I’ve created for their culture in my Wednesday article People Out of Place. Our kasatha this week is quick, hardy and smart. To me his minor charisma negative is more a lack of worldliness or understanding of people in general. A prophesied birth and an encounter with a bizarre creature are hallmarks of his upbringing. So who is this alien on Golarion? What is his life like in the wastes of Numeria?

For class this week I chose rogue, specifically the Numerian Scavenger archetype. As his starting traits, I went with prophesied, starchild, and vagabond child. I took the third trait because I thought the drawback family ties really suited this particular character. I know I usually roll on a class table if one is available, but I’ll be honest, this week I forgot.

Hassa (HavHassa to outsiders)

“There are aliens among us”, they tell you. In Numeria this statement is fact. Some alien lifeforms are known entities, like the gearmen and the androids. In much of Numeria those aliens that are found usually end up lynched by the superstitious kellids or on the dissection tables of the technic. In fear for their life, many of these beings from the stars hide in the Numerian wastes.

The small city of Hajoth Hakados breaks the mold of the standard Numerian settlements. The trade city on the crusader road to Mendev not only openly welcomes androids, but also a witchwyrd from the red planet Akiton. For this reason, other alien creatures make Hajoth Hakados their home, even if they continue to hide their presence. Such is the case for the Havala clan of kastha.

The Havala clan consist of two small families. The rest of the clan either remains on the kastha’s distant home world or died in the crash that left them stranded here. None of the clansmen are sure how long they’ve been here as they have only emerged from stasis chambers a little over forty years ago. The survivors consisted of two mated couples, one of which has a daughter with them.

Hassa was the first child born to the Havala clan. With his birth the male of the other couple, a shaman proclaimed the first child of the clan born in this land would lead them home. After his birth Hassa’s mother took up the position of head woman. She further proved her fertility and thus her power in the clan when she bore twins; a brother and a sister, Jaska and Usula. New life, of course, means a small but growing clan.

For the first few years of Hassa’s life, the clan roamed the badlands of Numeria just as they had roamed the sands of Kasath. With his destiny to find a home he never knew, the boy took to watching the stars as if drawn to them. By ten years old he knew each star by heart and with him in the lead the clan was never lost.

To the kastha every creature of this world was a new wonder, a wonder to be avoided at all costs. The mutated creatures of Numeria were deadly, making hunting a momentous task. The humanoids were far more dangerous than any beast and the Havala tribe made sure to avoid both the kellid tribes and the technic wizards. To a young boy lost in the stars, however, some things stand out. Although few, some of the Iobarian centaurs remained as nomads in the Sellen Hills and young Hassa found the horsemen so interesting he felt compelled to talk to them.

For months Hassa treated with the centaur tribe, leading his own clan on a parallel migratory path to theirs. From one of their warriors he learned much about the world and especially Numeria. When the centaurs swung south and stopped in the city of Hajoth Hakados, the boy snuck away in the day while his family slept to explore these new wonders. His friend in the centaur tribe showed him a city accepting of all kinds of strange people. A city that was as alien to Numeria as his people were.

Eventually centaurs roamed further than the kasatha tribe was willing to go, even at Hassa’s urging, so they roamed the plains once more. They did, however, add a few southern stops which allowed Hassa to sneak off the Hajoth Hakados a few times a year. His love of the city grew and the boy felt the call to explore other cities.

When the clan was near the metropolis of Chesed, Hassa could no longer fight his urge to explore. Seeking to gain access to the city he sought out what the humans called “adventurers” to get him in. Using thinly veiled threats, he forced a woman encased in the shiny metal armor the humans liked, to take him into the city. She did as asked but Hassa’s unsophisticated disguise was seen through rather quickly.

Unlike Hajoth Hakados, Chessed was very much under the control of the Technic League. When Hassa’s attempt to stay hidden was seen through, they quickly came after him. Trapped in an unknown place, Hassa would have assuredly been captured except unbeknownst to him, the adventurer he cajoled was a crusader of Sarenrae heading to the worldwound. His would-be victim stood against the technomancers and helped Hassa flee the city. The young kasaha apologized profusely but the crusader understood the impatience of youth having been a redeemed street rat herself.

These events left Hassa wary of the outside world. And at thirteen, when his brother and sister were born, he sought nothing but to protect them from all the horrors of this forsaken world. Whether in a city or not, their alien nature made them targets. The Technic League had begun hunting for them, unknown four armed aliens. Sometimes a member of the league would come themselves and sometimes they would send vicious agents. It had become harder and harder to escape them so Hassa brought the clan to the only place he knew the Technic League had no sway, Hajoth Hakados.

At first the clan refused to enter the city, but caring for two infants and running was tiring to all of them. Being head woman Hassa’s mother eventually saw the wisdom in his words and the clan moved to the trade city. Hajoth Hakados was a place of wonder to the clan. Although they still tried to go unnoticed, the fact they could move freely and mostly unmolested came as a shock after years of avoiding the people of this planet.

The clan set themselves up in the Homeshore district. Learning to stay settled was an even greater challenge for them than staying ahead of the league. Hunting the plains was their only real skill, the men would bring back hides that the women would than cure and trade or sew into armor for even the most bizarrely formed creature. Hassa, ever inquisitive, began to explore the city, although at first not understanding the idea of personal property he had a bad habit of letting himself into people’s homes.

At thirty Hassa has reached the age of his “tempering” and is time for him to travel the world and find himself. The clan will gather and perform their ritual to Ji’d–who the people of Golarion call Jaidz–the spirit of untested youth. Hassa will leave the clan until he feels he has passed the tests of Ji’d and then will return to the clan as an adult.

The clan still believes he is destined to lead them back to Kasath, but Hassa wonders; the prophecy just said “home” and maybe he has already done that. Still his plans, as he leaves Hajoth Hakados, are to search the wreckage of what he knows to have been a great spacefaring vessel that is spread across Numeria to see if he cannot find some knowledge of where his people came from.

There you have it, my take on Monday’s rolls. Is this what you envisioned when you looked at the rolls? How did your character idea differ? What is your kasatha’s prophecy? How do you reconcile following a Golarion Empyreal Lord when he is an alien to this planet?

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