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Monday, February 15, 2016

Random Roll 25 - The Randomness

This week we have another request, a Gnome and a female Gnome at that. Wise and hardy, dexterous and charismatic, the options abound for this Gnome, but where to go with it. The better question is where will you go with it? My background will go up Friday, until then tell us what you would do.

Nationality Five Kings Mountains

Age: 58
Height: 3'1"
Weight: 33 lbs.

16pt Buy
Str 7
Dex 14
Con 15
Int 11
Wis 15
Cha 13

Homeland: Non-Gnome Town or Village
Parents: Both of your parents are alive.
Siblings: You have no siblings.
Circumstance of Birth: [Bastard Born] Your parents had a tryst that resulted in your birth out of wedlock. You know one of your parents, but the other remains unknown or a distant presence at best.
Parent's Profession: Entertainers
Major Childhood Event: [Bullied] In your early life, you were a victim— easy prey for those stronger or cleverer than yourself. They beat you when they could, using you for their sport. This abuse nursed a powerful flame of vengeance.

Influential Associate: [The Mentor] You had a mentor who taught you everything worth knowing about life. This could have been the person who taught you the heroic abilities you possess, or simply a kindred spirit who helped form your worldview.

Conflict: [Cheater] You broke a rule, law, contract, or agreement for your own gain.
Conflict Subject: Soldier or warrior.
Conflict Motivation: Jealousy.
Conflict Resolution: [Sincere Regret] Though you feel sincere regret for the event and its memory affects your behavior, it’s still a secret. Only your trusted companions know of the conflict, and they have promised a degree of discretion.
Deity/Religious Philosophy: [No Deity] Even in a world filled with the powers of the divine, you have decided to follow reason, put your faith in the potential of mortals, or otherwise invest in the ways of the material world instead of embracing the teachings of deities.

Romantic Relationship(s): [Several Significant Relationships] You’ve engaged in a number of partnerships, but for some reason or another your relationships always fail.
Drawback: [Worldview] In your eyes, your moral philosophy—your alignment—is the only correct and true way of the world. Perhaps you gently pity, argue with, or brawl with those misguided souls who don’t see the world your way or by your light of reason.

(Trait) Animal Friend
(Trait) Bastard
(Trait) Bullied
(Trait) Mentored
(Trait) Talented
(Trait) Tireless Logic
(Story Feat) Shamed
(Drawback) Provincial

Friday you’ll get to see what I can do with these stats, until then you can subscribe to this blog on the sidebar and get email notifications when new posts arrive, including the background. You can also follow me on twitter @SimonSezCRB for tweets about updates and the occasional random thought on gaming. And if my work excites your imagination you can show your support on my Patreon and help make being creative more sustainable for yours truly.

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