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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Riddle of the Sand

Questioners of Areshkagal

In a constant state of desire for that which it does not already have, Areshkagal the Demon Lord of Greed, Portals, and Riddles seeks to reclaim that which she has lost. Her followers, many of whom aren’t human, scour the world for more. More of anything. Thus I put it to you, as we sit around our theoretical gaming table, that we’re playing a game where all the characters must be worshipers of Areshkagal. You do not need to be a divine casting class but your goals must align with the goals of the Demon. What character would you make?

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The Brood of Herexaktal

In the deserts of Osirion, one of Areshkagal’s mightiest servitors is a corrupt Brass Wyrm. This mighty dragon has not only gathered a vast treasure, but a cult dedicated to its mistress. The beast has turned to the Demon Lord in its avaricious quest for objects, people, and information. Not only does it sit atop a massive horde, there are rumors that it keeps its own persona menagerie of creatures within its lair under the sand.

The cult that follows Herexaktal is known as his “brood” although the dragon has never sired wyrmlings of its own. Many humans follow the metallic wyrm with promises of great wealth of their own. Some of the richest merchants in Osirion are actually members of Herexaktal’s brood. These agents allow the dragon to procure items from around Golarion undercover of business as usual. The dragon also employs agents among the many slavers of the inner sea region who make sure the rarest catches end up in his personal zoo.

The Lost Door

Areshkagal seeks the return of her treasure hidden within her former realm, The Sea of Whispering Sands. Although she sends agents to war with her sister, who now controls the domain, what she really needs are more subtle agents who can get to her treasure unseen. She has been searching for the most proficient tomb raiders for ages and weeds out those who can from those who will die using an organization called The Lost Door.

Chapter houses of The Lost Door can be found in many major cities in Osirian, Thuvia, Rahadoum, and Central Casmaron. Disguised as adventurer’s guilds, their links to the Demon Lord are carefully hidden, especially among the enlightened Atheists of Rahadoum. The Lost Door brings on adventurers of all sorts, sending them on the most dangerous grave-robbing missions they can find.

Successful treasure hunters are then slowly corrupted to the worship of The Faceless Sphinx. Once the soul of these most competent explorers have fallen to Areshkagal, their mortal coil is shed—not always willingly—so that the soul of the crypt thief will end up in her domain. From there the Demon Lord sends her chosen to her former realm to regain her lost treasure. None of these souls has ever returned.

The Unanswered Question

Collectors of riddles, puzzles, and conundrums, these worshipers of Areshkagal seek out the most difficult puzzles as a means to safeguard the Demon Lord’s realm. As is within her nature as a Sphinx, Areshkagal cannot help put pose riddles to those who confront her. The Unanswered Question is her means of collecting as many of these quizzical questions as she can.

The cult travels the world in search of riddles, both lost and known only to a few. The lost riddles stay within the possession of the cult in a hidden library of puzzles, guarded itself by some of the greatest riddles known to man. When they find a riddle that is only known by a few souls the collectors will learn the answer and then kill all those not in the sect who know it, so that their mistress is the only one left with its solution.

Scorpion Slayers

A dedicated group of warriors within the deserts of Casmaron whose sole mission is to seek out and destroy the temples of her sister Aldinach. Still furious over the loss of her realm, Areshkagal seeks to destroy what little presence of her sisters worship exists on Golarion. The scorpion demon keeps her temples hidden within the ruined cities lost among the desert sands and the Scorpion Slayers seek these places out to wipe them from Casmaron once more.

Comprised of some of her most devout followers, all of the Slayers have some small bit of divine power within them. Clerics, Warpriests, Inquisitors and Antipaladins make up the entirety of organization’s members. Although they are small in number, maybe a dozen, their surgical strikes against the mortal followers of Aldinach have brought more success than any of the assaults the Lord of Greed has mounted against her sister in the Abyss.

Antipaladin Code

What’s mine is mine and what’s your is mine. Even if it never sees use, having something is its own reward.
That which is unknown, should remain unknown. I will never answer a question straight, if the petitioner cannot see through the riddle they aren’t worthy of the answer.
That which skitters in the sand, is crushed beneath the boot. I will never suffer a scorpion to live.
What’s behind the next door may be better than what you already have. I will never let a barrier bar my way, the only good door is that which protects what is mine.

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