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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Subtelty of Chaos

Diciples of the Demon Lord Shax


Shax, the Demon Lord of lies, envy, and murder. Worshiped on the surface mainly by the irredeemably wicked and the insane. He is also worshiped in the Darklands by the chokers, the derro, and the drow of House Vexidyre. Other than a Kellid tribe in the Worldwound, who are his worshipers? And why do they give their souls over to such an evil creature?

As always let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game we are to make a follower of Shax. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of the Demon Lord. What character do you make?

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The Redcloaks

Asmodeus may be the father of lies but he does so with the intention of keeping order. Shax on the other hand uses lies to foster chaos and destruction. And where there is politics there are lies. The Redcloaks are master spies, as comfortable lifting a purse as they are tipping a champagne glass. The Redcloaks are nobodies, no real name, no home, no ties but to each other. When you need someone who, if caught, has no connection to you, you hire a red cloak.

Although this organization – if it can be called that – operates mostly out of Brevoy, they have also been known to ply their trade in Ustalav, Galt, and occasionally Taldor. Each member of the Redcoaks is an independent operator, but the organization exists for their true purpose: to sow chaos. The Redcloaks have a hidden manor somewhere in Brevoy which they use as a safe house to catalog and trade information. This way any of the spies can use information gained from a client against them by allowing it to be used by another of their number.

Hiring a Redcloak is no easy task; the spies have an uncanny way of knowing when you need them. What some don’t know is that oracles who commune with the Demon Lord tell an individual Redcloak where he may be needed for a job, as long as doing that job also sows disorder. Although most of their clients only see the success made for their endeavors, few look at the ripples created by the Redcloak’s involvement.

The Blood Tail Killers

The Blood Tail Cult is a group of killers is Alkenstar City (link to character background). Very little is known about them, even the fact it is a “them” and not just one person has only recently come to light. The Blood Tail Killers are known for their signature of tearing out their victim’s intestines through an incision in their lower back and draping it behind the person like a long tail. The murders appear brutal and personal with the killer getting up close to his victim to perform the final blow.

What the guards of Alkenstar don’t know is that the Blood Tail Killers is a cult of Shax worshipers who not only revere him but his demonic followers, the Babau demons. The bloody intestine tail is an homage to make the victim look like demons that the cult takes after. Also like the Babau, the Blood Tail Killers are cold, calculating, and methodical. They can wait days, weeks, and even months between kills in order to perform their sacred duty just right.

The Coup Masters

In the world above greedy nobles with low morals will petition Shax to aid them in gaining the power they believe they deserve. The lucky ones never get an answer from the Demon Lord, and those who do receive a visit from the Coup Masters. These charismatic individuals help guide the bitter and envious nobles on the path to higher rank and status. They help plan assassinations, blackmail, and other forms of subterfuge so that the noble can keep his hands clean, or at least not as bloody as they might be.

In truth, the Coup Masters care nothing for the petty nobles. They feed his ego and help cause chaos within the realm of these pathetic souls. They don’t even care if the petitioner succeeds or fails. Much like their chaotic master they make the decision on a whim, whether to see things through or leave the nobles they “serve” hanging in the wind to take the blame. As long as they and Shax have their fun, preferably with a death toll, then the Coup Masters are happy.

You’ve seen my sects and maybe they’ve inspired you in your creation of a worshiper of Shax. Who is your devotee? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to the Demon Lord? Where did they learn of Shax? Let me know in the comments.

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