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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Character Five: Calgadien Telmiriel

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

I decided eventually on fighter, although there were a number of good choices. So I rolled on the fighter chart as well.

You learned to fight in a structured environment where you were exposed to a variety of weapons, armor, strategies, and tactics. You learned to fight as part of a unit, how to follow orders and how to command a squad. You gain access to the Tactician combat trait.

With the high intelligence I decided on the Tactician fighter archetype.

When the elves left the world the few that were left behind didn't all stay to defend the elf lands. Some stayed in the human lands, living among the countries of man. Calgadien Telmiriel's family was left in the Taldane Empire upon the exodus, joining with the army in its military pursuits. They moved into the frontier of Andoran when it was Annexed by Taldor and then stayed when the Andorans opted to cut ties with Taldor and join their fates with the rising Cheliax empire.

When Andoran revolted in 4669 Calgadien's father, Aedarion, who served with the Adoran army as his father had before him, took to arms alongside the humans of his family’s chosen land to overthrow the now infernal Chelaixian Government. The family’s military tradition along with the Aedarion's valor in battle prompted the offer of lands and title to the family bringing the long serving family into the ranks of the Andoran Nobility. Sadly during the battle Aedarion's best friend and Eagle Knight of the Golden Legion lost his life. A death bed promise saw Aedarion adopt Gedric's now orphaned baby son Kirius, his mother having died at child birth.

Like all of Aedarion's male children Calgadien attended military school in the Andoran capital of Almas. Calgadien made it through the basic weapons training and had no small amount of martial prowess, but it was his sharp and intuitive tactical mind that got him noticedHe was such a talent that the instructor of military history Cordan Ulis took the young elf under his wing giving him personal tutelage. Calgadien graduated with the offer of a commission as an officer.

For all of Calgadian's good points he also had his bad. The young elf was more than a little haughty and vain. He made it through more than a few relationships during his school years, most of which ended because the girls he was seeing couldn't put up with his attitude. In one instance a commoner on scholarship to the academy had some unkind things to say about Calgadian, which he probably deserved, but when his father was brought into it Cal's ego couldn't take it and he stole the poor boys sword, which may not be worth much but was a gift from his father for acceptance to the school.

Now an aspiring officer Calgadian looks forward to the future and greatness in the eyes of the Andoran nobility.

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