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Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Promise is a Promise

The Sworn of Kols

Dwarves have been long known as serious folk who take oaths and promises seriously. This truth of their being is nowhere more evident than in the fact one of their gods personifies these aspects their culture. Today we look at that divine being, Kols, the Dwarven deity of duty, honor, and promises. Presented here are three possible sects you may choose to use in your game.

As always, let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game that we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower of Kols. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of The Oath-Keeper. What character do you make?

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The Stone Binders

When one has to make an extremely important binding promise they often seek out one of the Stone Binders to oversee the event. The Stone Binders etch the words of the promise onto small stone tablets and bless them with the will of Kols and the spit of the dwarves involved. Promises carved by the Stone Binders are seen as sacred and breaking them leads to dire consequences.

Stone Binders are generally clerics of Kols, although occasionally oracles or paladins will join their ranks. Becoming a Stone Binder is a promise to the Oath-Keeper in and of itself and any who abuse their power fall prey to The Oathkeepers. Each member of the sect has their own stone tablet created if it should ever crack that is seen as proof that they have forsworn their duties.

The Oathkeepers

Named after the moniker of their patron, these dwarves are the arm of the church that hunt down those who break an oath. They are particularly ardent about bringing in those who break a pact that was solemnized by The Stone Binders. This group is trained to hunt down other dwarves who shirk their duty and train often with The Hounds of Dranngvit.

This sect is made up most of paladins, inquisitors, rangers, rogues, and investigators. Tracking and other investigative skills are required of Oathkeepers as well as the martial ability to round up their quarry. The motto of this sect is “An oath kept, lest it be kept for you”.

The Elders

This is a small sect of older brothers who follow in Kols’ footsteps as protector of his younger brother Grundinnar. Functioning as more of a support group than a zealous religious sect, as each member has been tasked with watching out over a younger sibling due to the death of their parents. They swear a promise to The Oath-Keeper that their younger family member will not only survive but thrive, and many of them put their own life’s dream on the back burner to accomplish this.

Because this sect’s goals are family oriented the dwarves who join come from all walks of life. They lean on each other for aid in their appointed task, with the older members passing their experience to the younger. Aid can come in the form of teaching the younger sibling, monetary assistance, or just an ear to bend.

It is an honor to serve for the dwarves who follow the master of duty and promises. Who is your disciple of Kols? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to The Oath-Keeper? Where does their devotion to this Dwarven deity come from? Let me know in the comments.

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