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Monday, January 16, 2017

Random Roll 60 - The Randomness

Our 60th character is our second ever ratfolk. Hyper intelligent son of tradespeople from a human town in Brevoy. A follower of the Empyreal Lord Ylimancha of coastal waters, fisherfolk, and flying creatures. What to make of these interesting rolls? Tune in Friday to find out. 

Gender: Male 
Race: Ratfolk 
Nationality: Brevory 
Age:  14 Height: 4’ 1 Weight: 83 lbs 
Alignment: Neutral Good 

Str: 12 
Dex: 14 
Con:  14 
Int: 16 
Wis: 14 
Cha: 9 

Homeland: Human Settlement 
Parents: Both of your parents are alive. 
Siblings: You have 5 biological siblings. 
- biological older sister 
- biological older sister 
- biological younger brother 
- biological younger sister 
- biological younger brother 
Circumstance of Birth: [Bastard Born] Your parents had a tryst that resulted in your birth out of wedlock. You know one of your parents, but the other remains unknown or a distant presence at best. 
Parent's Profession: Tradespeople 
Major Childhood Event: [Major Disaster] You witnessed—and survived—a major disaster in your childhood years, such as a great fire, flood, earthquake, volcano, or storm. It obliterated the settlement where you lived, whether a small village, large city, or entire island. 

Influential Associate: [Well-Connected Friend] In your circle of disparate associates, there was someone everyone knew. This person collected friends like trophies, and she had contacts in every social or professional circle. Through this connection, you continue to meet and associate with a wide variety of people in every walk of life. 

Conflict: [Seducer] You tempted or manipulated someone to act in accordance with your whim, careless of whether it was in their own best interests. 
Conflict Subject: Gangster or underworld figure. 
Conflict Motivation: Family. 
Conflict Resolution: [Denial] You feel little if any regret, and deny the event mostly so others won’t judge you. Few if any know of your part in the conflict, and your constant denials are meant to keep it that way. 
Deity/Religious Philosophy: Ylimancha 

Romantic Relationship(s): [A Few Significant Relationships] You’ve tried to make deep connections with individuals on several occasions, but it’s never worked out. 
Drawback: [Attachment (Object)] You are attached to a precious possession with immense sentimental value and significance. Without it, you are no longer yourself and are prone to suffer from depression, moodiness, or aggressive behavior. 

(Trait) Artisan 
(Trait) Bastard 
(Trait) Child of the Streets 
(Trait) Kin Guardian 
(Trait) Life of Toil 
(Trait) Resilient 
(Trait) Well-Informed 
(Story Feat) Shamed 
(Story Feat) Unforgotten 
(Drawback) Attached 

In the comments please tell us what character you would make with these disparate pieces information? What class would this Ratfolk naturally gravitate towards? What disaster did he witness? Who was his real father or mother? And don’t forget to stay tuned Friday when my background hits the CRB. 

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