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Friday, August 19, 2016

Character 51 - Brogurtt Thunderstomp

Our smart and dexterous hobgoblin was a bit of a challenge. He almost cried out to be a full int caster but when reading about hobgoblins I learned something. On Golarion hobgoblins were engineered to fight elves. Even now they still hate them because of the magical programming. Because they hate elves they also hate arcane magic. I decided to work with this information and go a different direction.

Card One: Where the character game from. In this case I’m going to use The Carnival card to represent imprudent plans. When mixed with the signifier card of The Crows which can represent shocking loss, and the fact both this characters parents were in the military I see him being an early orphan. His parents dead because of a poorly thought through plan of a commanding officer.

Card Two: The Cricket represents a quick mind and a quick body both of which this character has in spades. The peach pit upon which the grig on the card is perched usually means a treasure. Again combined with the signifier card which can represent  theft, and the Magical Gift major childhood event, I see the important event represented by this card as the cunning theft of this magical item.

Card Three: The third position card represents a talent. The Inquisitors represents someone who searches for and accepts nothing but the truth. As a special ability it can mean someone who is not easily lied to or swayed. I see this as the character having a very high sense motive and probably quite a few knowledge skills.

Card Four: The Joke represents something that must be overcome not by physical force. This shows that sometime in his future this character must use his wits and skill to overcome some great obstacle or monster. Combined with the talent represented in card three and the stats, and the portfolio of the Daemon Harbinger he follows I’m going to read this as representing his class. I see our Hobgoblin being an Investigator, with the Steel Hound archetype

Brogurtt Thunderstomp

Life in a hobgoblin company is harsh and strictly regimented, everyone serves under someone else’s boot unless you are the high commander. Every member of the company is a soldier, whether that means you are the company cook or an infantry lineman doesn’t matter. The hobgoblins purpose is to war, preferably against the hated elves.

Brogrutt’s parents were foot soldiers, always on the frontlines of battle. In Numeria battle usually meant war against the various Kellid tribes, or fighting for one’s territory against the mutant fauna and strange automatons of the wastes. Occasionally the Technic League would hire units of hobgoblins for one mission or another. As long as they were paid in the high-tech weapons and armor the League loved they didn’t care. Anything to further the needs of the company

Soon after his sister was born Brogurtt’s parents died. One of the company’s commanders planned to take territory from one of the smaller Kellid tribes. So set on his victory and making a name for himself the commander didn’t realize this was a cousin to the Black Sovereign himself. Reinforcements were swift and the commander’s lack of reconnaissance led to his troops being massacred. The commander returned home, demoted, but Brogurtt was left to fend for himself, and his sister. He promised his sister he would find his revenge and never leave her like their parents did.

The hobgoblin tendency to blindly follow orders didn’t sit well with Brogurrt after that. He spent much of his early years seeking vengeance for the death of his parents. Using every means at his disposal he sought aid even outside the tribe. The orcs spoke of a seer, one who lost his vision from the poisonous metals he ingested to gain his visions. For years Bromgutt would seek the oracles council until it led him to the lightning stone.

Supposedly a gift from the Daemon Harbinger Cixyron, the lightning stone was used by the technic league to power some of their technological devices. Although like many hobgoblins Bromgutt loathed magic as a tool of the elves, If it meant his revenge he would stoop to its use. The young hobgoblin snuck into the facility and lifted the lightning stone, along with a few other choice objects

The plan was always revenge.  Bromgurtt hated his parent’s murderer with a passion. The lightning stone was his chance to enact his vengeance. But things don’t always work out as planned. The stone was useful and it killed, it just didn't kill his parent’s former commander. Hobgoblins kill to move up the ranks all the time. Failure, however brings exile. In his hatred and anger Bromgurtt broke his one promise. He was cast out and left his sister alone just like their parents did.

With the lightning stone spent and his only possessions a few things he stole from the technic league Bromgurtt began searching for more advanced toys. Advancement brought power, he knew that by seeing the leagues influence. He began to dip into the realm of alchemy. One of the devices he took was a small pistol. It took him a while to figure it out but eventually is keen mind got it working.

Still seeking revenge, and power, Bromgutt looks to one day join the League. For now he explores the ruins of the things that crashed in Numeria ages ago. He hopes that some discovery will bring him entrance to the technomancer’s society. Hopefully Ciixyon well guide his hand after years of dedication.

For some hobgblins, military conformity is not the way. What would you have done with these stats? What class would you have picked? How would you have interpreted each card in the reading?

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