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Monday, July 4, 2016

Random Roll 45 - The Randomness

Because I rolled wyrwood for this week’s race I am going to have to talk about some mechanical things before I usually do, which is during the Friday write up). Although wyrwood are constructs and have no con score they have an effective 10 con for some things. So I rolled until I got a 10 con. Also since wyrwood are created and not born I’m going to have to be creative when I use the random background generator. I will leave it as true as I can get to what’s rolled but they have no parents as such will be one of the changes made. There is also no age, height, and weight listings so I’m making that stuff up too.

Gender: No Gender
Race: Wyrwood
Nationality: Five Kings Mountains
Age: 13
Height: 3’ 6”
Weight: 49lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good

Str: 17
Dex: 12
Con:  - (effectively 10 for DCs or other statistics that rely on a Constitution)
Int: 12
Wis: 8
Cha: 13

Homeland: Town or Village
Parents: Both of your parents are dead.
Siblings: You have no siblings.
Circumstance of Birth: [Energy Infused] During your birth you were exposed to potent source of divine energy.
Parent's Profession: Yeoman
Major Childhood Event: [Competition Champion] You distinguished yourself at an early age when you won a competition. This might have been a martial contest of arms, a showing of apprentice magicians, high stakes gambling, or something mundane like an eating championship.

Influential Associate: [The Relative] There is a relative you were especially close to. To you, this person was the meaning of family. He helped shepherd you into adulthood, teaching you everything you know about the world. You are bound to this person or his memory, and you strive to keep a promise, vow, or oath that you made to him.

Conflict: [Told a Lie] You deliberately made someone believe something that was not true to further your own goals.
Conflict Subject: Close friend.
Conflict Motivation: Justice.
Conflict Resolution: [Denial] You feel little if any regret, and deny the event mostly so others won’t judge you. Few if any know of your part in the conflict, and your constant denials are meant to keep it that way.
Deity/Religious Philosophy: Omrataji
Romantic Relationship(s): [Current Lover] You are currently involved in a romantic relationship.
Drawback: [Power] You long for the ability to influence the world around you, whether that’s as small as a village or as large as a plane of reality.

(Trait) Guardian of the Forge
(Trait) Influence
(Trait) Militia Veteran
(Trait) Oathbound
(Trait) Sacred Conduit
(Trait) Sacred Touch
(Trait) Savanna Child
(Story Feat) Champion
(Story Feat) True Love
(Drawback) Power-Hungry

In the comments please tell us what character you would make with these disparate pieces information? What class would this living construct naturally gravitate towards? Who is this worshiper Omrataji, the Silver Spirit? And don’t forget to stay tuned Friday when my background hits the CRB.

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