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Friday, July 15, 2016

Character 46 - Karldin Irontoe

This week’s character was a tough one. The stats didn’t really mesh with the background information. How does one reconcile a low charisma and many lovers? Where does a dwarf belong in the Chelish colony of Isger? The major disaster part was by far the easiest with a well-documented war in the region well within the character’s lifetime. The rest, however, not so much.

Seeing the high wisdom score and the high strength I instinctively thought of a divine combatant. Paladin was out and I really wanted to find a way to pump his diplomacy even with the horrible charisma. The inquisitor class feature Inquisition has an ability under the Reformation Inquisition that allows you to use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Charisma modifier when making Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Perform (oratory) checks. It also makes Perform (oratory) a class skill for the inquisitor. So inquisitor of Hembad, as I marry the story to the mechanics and the mechanics to the story.

Karldin Irontoe

Isger wasn’t always as unfriendly to dwarves and other non-humans, as it is now. When Dorskar’s Crag erupted during the Rending, Isger took in many of the dwarves from Raseri Kanton, the above-ground dwarven trading town. With both Raseri Kanton and the Tar Khadurm capital city Jernashall destroyed, these stout folk found themselves with nowhere else to turn.

Karldin Irontoe’s family was one of the few above ground dwarves that made their home in Isger instead of seeking asylum back in the Five Kings Mountains. However, it was only one generation before the newly formed government of devil worshipers in Cheliax threw off the yolk of Taldaor and took Isger with them as a vassal state. Although the dwarves didn’t have it as bad as the halflings, who were outright enslaved, they still found life far more difficult.

Fearing the worst, many of the remaining dwarves congregated in the northern most portion of the Aspodell Mountains, bordering the Chitter Wood. It is here that Karldin was born to a family of tradesmen. His coming was considered an ill omen though, as he was born with birth defects. Among the most obvious was his twisted visage, but others wouldn’t appear till later as he fell behind in his studies.

Being disconnected from their homeland, many of the Aspodell Mountain dwarves took to worshiping outside their racial pantheon. With most of the stout folk being craftsmen and traders the Empyreal Lord Hembad was revered for his aspect of cooperation and making connections. The merchant’s guild and the trade guilds turned to the growing church of Hembad for their needs. Karldin took quickly to the teachings of the deity as well.

Although he wasn’t the shiniest ore in the barrel, and certainly not the handsome dwarf, Karldin could read and understand people. This was considered by many to be a gift from Hembad himself; the fact of which eased the original stigma of dire portent from his birth. Karldin left his family home to train with the priests of The Wise Grandfather.

Unlike stricter deities, Hembad encouraged connections for his followers.  Karldin, to the surprise of those he grew up with, took easily to this tenet of faith. The young dwarf managed to cycle through a few significant relationships, although not always without incidentIn one instance even manipulating his current paramour into shaming an ex-lover for him.

Often, though, his affairs ended amiably and he learned about himself and the world from each joining. When he took one of the senior priests for a lover he gained much insight into the truth of the faith of Hembad. Even after he and the priest parted company, the cleric was still influential in Karldin’s life as a mentor.

Life is nothing without conflict, and the Goblinblood Wars where a major disaster for Isger in general and the Aspodell Mountain dwarves in particular. Bordering the Chitter Wood, the dwarves were hit hard by the attacks of the goblinoids. Like many of the priesthood, Karldrin joined in the defense of their mountain home. A successful raid by a tactically proficient hobgoblin commander breached their defenses, however. Many dwarves died that day before they could be repelled, including Karldrin’s mother.

Distraught, Karldin finished his studies but decided that when his time came, instead of serving the dwarves in their mountain home he would bring the word of Hembad to those around them. He would seek connections with the local populace who were also suffering from the Goblinblood Wars and its aftermath, and maybe even try and reconnect with the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains. Where his path leads is strictly up to the Wise Grandfather.

What class would you have chosen for these stats? How much does this dwarf dedicate himself to Hembad? How do you reconcile low charisma and a healthy love life?

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