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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Looking Toward the Future

Devotees of the Empyreal Lord Svarozic

Svarozic, the Empyreal lord of ingenuity, refinement, and parenthood. Unlike many of heaven's denizens this archon is not one who sticks to strict tradition. He looks to change or redesign that which is obsolete and inspire the young of every race to strive toward greater deeds than the generation that came before them.

Sitting at our theoretical gaming table, our GM turns to us and says, "All of the characters must be followers of Svarozic. What character do you make? Who is he? Why has she chosen Svarozic as her patron? In what ways does she further the Empyreal lord’s goals?" If you want to see a character I would make, check out Fridays Character Exploration Uka'mbe.

For what little information there is on Svarozic look here.

Svarozic's Pathfinder wiki page
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The Futurists

The People’s Revolt in Andoran was mostly older merchants and firebrands seeking to break away from the infernal dominance of Cheliax. As Andoran moves ahead into the future, the young see it as their time to mold their country to their upcoming needs. Chief among those who seek to inspire the youth of Andoran in political matters is a sect of Svarozic worshipers known as The Futurists.

The Futurists are made up, unsurprisingly, of younger members of the church of Svarozic. Their goal is not necessarily to overthrow the Andoran democracy, which they very much believe in. Their wish is to involve younger members of Andoran society in the politics of the day so their country will become what they need it to be when they are the ones in positions of power.

The Tenders

In life not all are meant to procreate. In fact, some are destined by the gods to never be able to bring life into the world on their own. The Tenders are a sect of Svarozic worshipers who are unable to conceive their own children, but wish to aid in the act of parenthood. The Tenders commonly act as midwives, they also work with mothers or fathers who have lost their spouses in the raising and care of their children. Well known for their practices of care, this small sect can be petitioned for aid by any who need it.

The Harvesters of Perfection

Svarozic looks to move civilization forward into the future, as such her followers defend civilized lands, sometimes to their last breath. The Harvesters of Perfection are a group of warriors, mostly paladins, who protect the artifacts of civilization. The devotees of Svarozic work mostly to defend cities from barbarism without and corruption within.

The Harvesters of Perfection stand out, not just due to their goals, but also due to the massive scythes they wield as weapons of office. They use these giant blades to cut down the enemies of civilization and it is considered a matter of pride to master the use of these tools. This makes the Harvesters a feared and potent weapon for progress.

Thinking about making your follower of Svarozic from one of these sects? Why does one even take up service to this particular Empyreal lord? Tell us in the comments.

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