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Friday, March 4, 2016

Character 27 - O Ashi Krishnamoorthi

Our Oni-Spawn Tiefling has now taken shape. With a Tian parent, I have decided on the Samurai class as his chosen profession. With a high Int, I will focus on feats that work around combat expertise. Training in the Sword Saint archtype and Iaijutsu dueling the idea that his strikes are faster than they are strong so using a Wakizashi he will take weapon finesse and slashing grace. Making the choice of a combat class not so bad for a character that is smarter than he is strong.

O Ashi Krishnamoorthi

When Sumie Yokano returned to her homeland of Hongal with a husband not of the Tian-La and a mixed son, her people questioned her. When she was again with child by her Varundi spouse, the seers proclaimed that the being in her womb was evil. When her tribe’s elders sent warriors to excise the evil from her body, Sumie’s husband Janrali fought them bravely, allowing her to escape with their son and unborn baby at the cost of his own life.

Sumie had been a powerful samurai in her own right, and now as ronin set out to put the entire continent of Tian Xia behind her. As many traders of the Tian had before her, she chose to travel to and inhabit the lands of Brevoy. She settled into the small town of Eagle’s Watch, the seat of power for House Orlovsky. Thus O Ashi Krishnamoorthi was born a son of Brevoy.

O Ashi’s birth held true to what the seers had said, the child had the blood of the Oni in him. His skin was tinged red, his eyes were black as night, and his brow was a ridge of bones, He had all the markings of one of the Ja Noi, Hob oni. The blood of the evil spirits was not all that marked him though. O Ashi was born with a full head of stark white hair, a sign that he was marked by one of the gods for greatness.

The Oni-Spawn, known as a Hungerseed to the few Tian who resided in Eagle’s Watch, had a rough childhood. He was frail and barely survived his early years, being susceptible to every minor sickness that plagued the town. Surviving disease wasn’t the only trial of the youth, a local woman that ostensibly befriended his mother in fact sent word to her tribe and they came looking for her. Sumie dispatched her child’s would-be assassins easily but she would never trust another Tian again.

The blood of the Tian-La nomads was strong in O Ashi and as he aged he began to feel the call of the road. It wasn’t until a traveling duelist – one of the Aldori swordlords – came through town that he saw his chance to escape. At fifteen the Hungerseed child left his home behind his mother’s back and took up training with the travelling swordsman.

The life of an apprentice duelist was not all fun and games, and as it turned out this particular practitioner of the art of Aldori dueling was not a very nice person. Derision at every turn from his teacher, and distrust (at best) from those who looked upon his oni-like appearance began to wear on him. The last straw to his apprenticeship was when the duelist pressured him into swearing an oath to one of the priests of Gorum the lord had chosen to duel and then breaking that oath to help his master win. It wasn’t so much that O Ashi cared about the priest or deceiving him, but being so easily manipulated was just too much.

When O Ashi returned home his mother showed him nothing but love. His brother had left home as well, to settle new lands with some Brevoy adventurers, and she missed them both deeply. Hearing of her son’s exploits she felt the nature of the Aldori training was not something her son needed. Although she was now ronin she knew she must teach her son the ways of the Samurai. Her own specialty of Iaijutsu dueling, she claimed, would give any Aldori Swordlord pause during a duel.

Along with the sword training, Sumie taught her son the ideals behind honor and justice. She tempered her lessons with the belief that even the law may be corrupt, and what is right is more important than what is allowed. Although his outward appearance hadn’t changed demeanor had and this new found sense of duty and self even brought him love.

With his training complete and a wife in Eagle’s Watch, O Ashi finds himself at a crossroads. With the support of the two women in his life, he now looks forward to the future and what may come.

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