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Monday, February 29, 2016

Random Roll 27 - The Randomness

An Oni-Spawn Tielfling with a sharp and perceptive mind. Living in the land of Brevory with parents from the far flung regions of Tian Xia and Varundi. How or why did this young man marked by the gods end up in this place and how does he feel about his oni blood. Friday we shall see what I make of these rolls but now I ask, what would you do?

Tiefling (Oni-Spawn)
Neutral Good
Human Parent Ethnicity: Mixed Heritage Varundi and Tian-La
Nationality: Brevory

Age: 28
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs.

Str 12
Dex 14
Con 7
Int 18
Wis 14
Cha 8

Homeland: Town or Village
Parents: Only your mother is alive.
Siblings: You have 1 biological sibling
- biological older brother
Circumstance of Birth: [Marked by the Gods] A deity has marked you. That mark can be on your body or your soul.
Parent's Profession: Soldiers
Major Childhood Event: [Betrayal] A friend or family member whom you trusted more than anyone else betrayed you. You have never fully trusted anyone since and prefer to rely on your own abilities rather than place your trust in others.               

Influential Associate: [The Wanderer] You knew someone who traveled from place to place with the changing of the wind, such as a minstrel, convict, merchant, outcast, soldier, or sailor. This person brought you wondrous mementos and told you of all the places he had traveled and the people who lived there, inspiring a wanderlust within you.

Conflict: [Broke a Promise] You swore an oath or vow that was important to someone else, but you did not keep your promise.
Conflict Subject: Clergy.
Conflict Motivation: Pressured or Manipulated.
Conflict Resolution: [You Enjoyed It] Those who cling to petty morals have no understanding of what true freedom and power is. The fact is, you enjoyed your part in the conflict and would do it all over again if the opportunity presented itself. Many people know of your misdeed, and they also realize your complete lack of remorse.
Deity/Religious Philosophy: [Undecided] You have remained undecided when it comes to your faith, but are accepting of others’ faiths and are at least somewhat open to the idea of joining an organized faith should you find one that strikes your fancy.

Romantic Relationship(s): [Current Lover] You are currently involved in a romantic relationship.
Drawback: [Justice] Unfairness and injustice are intolerable. Whenever you witness them, you feel compelled to act or speak out. When you’re personally wronged, you require appeasement—or revenge if you don’t receive it.

Possible Traits
(Trait) Birthmark
(Trait) Ease of Faith
(Trait) Kin Guardian
(Trait) Militia Veteran
(Trait) Sacred Touch
(Trait) Suspicious
(Trait) Tactician
(Trait) Worldly
(Story Feat) Prophet
(Story Feat) True Love
(Drawback) Headstrong

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