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Saturday, January 16, 2016

By the Light of The Silvery Moon - Sects of Ketephys

God of the moon, hunting, and running, Ketephys is one of the few purely elven gods in the world of Golarion. Very little is known of this enigmatic being, but surely he has many followers among the elven folk. But what of these follower; Who are they and what do they do? I have my own answers to this but what about the lot of you? If your GM sat you down at the table and said the only thing the characters must all have in common is the worship of this deity, what would you make? It doesn’t have to be a divine character just someone whose life is dedicated to this god.

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Sisters of the Moon

Although normally thought of as evil, not every lycanthrope is swayed by the call of their bestial side. The sisters of the moon are a small sect of Ketephys’ worshipers who have been infected as werewolves but have not turned to evil. Why the sect is all female is unknown, although some scholars believe it has something to do with the elven belief in the female connection to the cycles of the moon.

The Sisters of the Moon live in the forests of Kyonin but for the most part keep themselves separate from the rest of elvish society. They consider themselves protectors of their people, though apart from them. Many an elf has spoken of being chased by a creature escaped from the confines of Treerazor’s domain, only to hear howls in the night that ends the pursuit.

Some say there is a secret ritual among the sisters to help them through their first few transformations. If the sister can keep her wits while in her hybrid form on at least three occasions then she is accepted into the group. If she loses herself to the beast then the other sisters tear her to shreds.

Beak and Claw

Whereas the Sisters of the Moon have been infected as means to change shape, becoming a beast has always been something respected by worshipers of Ketephys. Regardless of whether your powers are god granted, nature influenced, or a force of arcane will; if you can manifest aspects of the beasts the Beak and Claw will accept you as a member. Druids are the most common shapechangers among the sect but by no means the only.

The order sees being able to become even slightly bestial as a means to better understand the natural world. Just as Ketephys treats his companions, Meycho and Falling Star, more as friends then helpers. So too do the members of the Beak and Claw see the natural world as a full being and not just a tool to be used. Many of the members of the sect also have their own animal companions, whom they take the same shape as.

The Night Runners

One of the major known groups within the church of Ketephys are the Night Runners; a group of messengers who take to heart their deities position as the fastest of the elven gods. There are stories of his runs with the animals through the forests of Elysium and even races against some of the non-elven gods like the ever boastful Kurgess.

The Night Runners themselves are the fleetest of foot among the elves. Once a year a great race is held and the top three winners are offered a place among the runners. No one has ever turned the offer down as the group is held with much esteem among both the church of Ketephys and the elvish people.

The true purpose of the Night Runners is to keep communications among elvish communities flowing. They run important message between churches and sometimes for the elvish nobility. During times of war they are conscripted as runners for battle plans between units, a job which they do admirably.

So there are three sects or societies within the church of the Hunter. But who is your worshiper? If you like the ideas within then please consider becoming a patron of the CRB here. And don’t forget to follow me on twitter @SimonSezCRB. This weekend I’ll be tweeting from Arisia in Boston as well as live-tweeting my Saturday game. Keep the creative juices flowing my friends and we’ll see you next week.

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