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Friday, October 9, 2015

Character Eighteen: Billup Wheatwhistler

In Andoran there are many Halfling settlements. The nature of the freedoms granted by the country appeal to the little folk who in many other nations are little more than slaves. Haflings can have holdings, become rich and wield political power. Billup Wheatwhistler is one such halfling from a merchant family.

Like many halfling towns his family was one of many extended groups. The Wheatwhistler clan was well thought of as farmers and traders. Billup has four siblings of his own and his father had six, his grandfather seven. The Wheatwhistler’s even had the distinction of being the longest running winners of best harvest feast for ten years running

Of all his family Billup’s favorite was his uncle Jaret. Jaret was the black sheep of his father’s generation. Unlike all of his grandfather’s other children he left the small town to become a mercenary. But family is family and Jaret would always come back home during harvest time with the best stories. Uncle Jaret may have fought for money but he had his own sense of discipline and conviction that Billup always admired.

When Billup was finally old enough to go with his father to negotiate trade for the town’s excess harvest goods, uncle Jaret took him to the side. Jaret handed him the sword that he had been carrying into combat since he left home. He told Billup that the sword was given to him by his uncle and that the second sons of the oldest sibling were given the blade when they were ready. Jaret had to promise to keep the blade and pass it on to his brother’s second son when it was time.

On his first trip to a human city Billip was in awe. There were sights to see and aromas to smell. At one point the young halfling found himself separated from his group wandering the streets. In one particularly rough part of town he came across a young Chelish man and his friends. Having long had a distain for the little people the Chelish man began to taunt Billip. The trader’s son had never really seen such aggression and was taken aback. More than a little na├»ve Billip got talked into a duel, a duel in which he lost the family sword.

Billip, ashamed, never spoke of the encounter to his father. He meant to ask his uncle for forgiveness when he came to the next harvest festival, but Jaret never arrived. Jaret had fallen in battle in the summer against hill giants in north. Billip never got his chance to seek penance and it ate him up inside. With his inner disgrace and disdain for non-halflings because of his encounter, Billip resigned himself to never leave his small settlement again.

He tried to live a normal life and even had a serious relationship for a while, but he just couldn’t get over his own inner pain. After the relationship fell through he dedicated himself to family and community. He worked closely with the local priest of Erastil and his dedication and purity of soul brought him to his calling as a paladin. He chose to use his power to serve the church of Erastil. Although he couldn't ever make up for failing his uncle he would never fail his people.

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