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Monday, September 7, 2015

Character Exploration Fourteen: The Randomness

Female Ifrit Human

Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 lbs.

This week’s randomly rolled character is an Ifirit apparently a smart but not very wise, very strong Ifirit. The fire in her blood is very strong. She’s a 25 point buy so a bit on the epic side, but sometimes you get good rolls with your random generations.

Str 17
Dex 15
Con 13
Int 15
Wis 7
Cha 12

Homeland: City or Metropolis

Parents: Only your father is alive.

Siblings: You have 1 biological sibling and 2 half-siblings.

- biological younger brother
- younger Half-Elf brother
- younger Half-Elf sister

Circumstance of Birth: [Bastard Born] Your parents had a tryst that resulted in your birth out of wedlock. You know one of your parents, but the other remains unknown or a distant presence at best.

Parent's Profession: Serfs/Peasants

Major Childhood Event: [Magical Gift] When you were a child, you found, stole, or were given a magic item that gave you an extraordinary ability. You may have used this item for mischief, crime, or good. Since that time, magic items have always held a special fascination for you.

Influential Associate: [The Relative] There is a relative you were especially close to. To you, this person was the meaning of family. He helped shepherd you into adulthood, teaching you everything you know about the world. You are bound to this person or his memory, and you strive to keep a promise, vow, or oath that you made to him.

Conflict: [Destruction] You destroyed someone else’s property. CP: 6

Conflict Subject: Leader. CP: 0

Conflict Motivation: Family. CP: 3

Romantic Relationship(s): [Current Lover] You are currently involved in a romantic relationship.

Drawback: [Religion] Your beliefs are of paramount importance in your life, whether you belong to a temple, follow a cult, or practice a religious philosophy independently. When others question or attack the beliefs, principles, relics, or structures of your faith, you respond with fury.

So here you have her. What would you do with these rolls? Who is your Ifirit and why has she become what she’s become.

The background I wrote for this will be posted Friday at 8am. But what kind of character would you make based on these rolls? What class would you pick? Do you have a background in mind looking at these pieces of information? Share with us and let us see your creative juices flow.

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