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Monday, August 24, 2015

Character Twelve: The Randomness

image of four six sided dice against a red background with the words Random Roll below them  pathfinder
Male Ratfolk

Age: 18
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 77 lbs.

This was a 17pt buy
Str 12
Dex 9
Con 13
Int 17
Wis 13
Cha 13

Homeland: Underground

Homeland: City or Metropolis

Parents: Only your father is alive.

Siblings: You have 2 biological siblings.
- biological younger sister
- biological younger sister

Circumstance of Birth: [Noble Birth] You were born to privilege among the nobility. Unless one of your parents is the regent, your family serves a higher-ranked noble but lesser nobles serve your family in turn.

Parent's Profession: [Duke] You are the child of a duke or duchess, the most powerful noble in the realm apart from the royal family. Your parents attend directly to the monarch and have the highest place at court. Your lands, titles, and estates are significant, and many lords and knights serve under your parents' command.

Major Childhood Event: [Academy Training] You attended a private academy where you studied a number of skills and gained training in your current profession. Whether you were a brilliant student or a dropout, the university environment was your home for a good portion of your formative years.

Influential Associate: [The Relative] There is a relative you were especially close to. To you, this person was the meaning of family. He helped shepherd you into adulthood, teaching you everything you know about the world. You are bound to this person or his memory, and you strive to keep a promise, vow, or oath that you made to him.that continues to drive you in everything you do.

Conflict: [Cheater] You broke a rule, law, contract, or agreement for your own gain.
Conflict Subject: Child or young person.
Conflict Motivation: Amusement or Entertainment. CP: 5

Romantic Relationship(s): [Several Inconsequential Relationships] You have had many lovers but no long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Drawback: [Safety or Security] You are cautious and guarded—wary of others who might harm you, steal from you, or betray your trust. As such, you sleep lightly, always suspecting someone or something to sneak in upon you in the dark. Even when in relationships with people who trust you, there’s always the fear that they harbor hidden agendas or will change and turn against you.

The background I wrote for this will be posted Friday at 8am. But what kind of character would you make based on these rolls? What class would you pick? Do you have a background in mind looking at these pieces of information? Share with us and let us see your creative juices flow.

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