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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Character Three: Scortle Illslitherskin

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

This time I added some mechanics to the mix. Although a lot of this is about creativity Pathfinder still has rules. So how do you make your creative vision work within the rules set. Well here’s some mechanical choices I made when coming up with the character for this random generation, which led to the tragic story of

Scortle Illslitherskin
Dark Gnome Rogue (Poisoner/Underground Chemist)

Dark Gnomes replace a lot of stuff so here are the base racial traits

Defensive Training (Giant)
Dark Vision
Knack with Poison
Fell Magic
Hatred (reptilian and Goblinoid)
Weapon familiarity

And although the rest of the stats aren't that important he took these two starting traits

Poisonous Slayer: You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls when you are wielding a weapon treated with poison.

Gnomish Alchemist: You gain a +2 trait bonus on all Craft (alchemy) checks.

Not all gnomes are cut from the same cloth. Coming from fey heritage does not always mean being happy and joyous. The first world has some downright mean, nasty and unpleasant creatures that roam its untamed forests. To that end some gnomes as they come of age, if they are pressed with enough misfortune can become just as dark as the fey of the unseelie court can get. Such is the case of Scortle Illslitherskin.

Born to a lower class family in a small gnomish town life seemed destined to greatness as Scortle was born a twin, a rare occurrence for gnomes. But life has a way of going away from destiny, especially in this time of lost prophecies. Scortle's town was raided by the goblin tribes that lived near. Many of his friends and neighbors were slaughtered but Scortle and his whole family, older brother and sister, twin sister, father and mother heavy with child were taken as slaves along with some others. Scrotle's life of joy and adventure was stolen and thus the darkness began to sink in.

For some reason the young gnome was targeted by the slave masters for the various tortures and lessons that they wished to teach the others. The more Scortle devolved into darkness the more the goblinoid overlords came to bear on him with their sick pleasures. The shadow in the adolescent gnome’s heart grew and he came to the attention of one of the other slaves of the hated goblinoids. And old man who's eyes had been ripped out by his own hands. A worshiper of the dark god Norborber and seer without sight. Scortle's dark heart was nourished by the hidden secrets of the seer and he began to learn the subtle art of toxins.

Hiding his secret worship of Norborger he began to hate the other gnomes for not trying to find a way out of their chains. He hated how they still laughed and played tricks. He hated the games they'd play, but he still loved his own family. At night some of the gnomes would play games of chance, for their extra food. Scortle watched and learned and he hated them for having fun. So he would play along, and he would cheat. He didn't care about the food, he would just throw it away. But watching the other gnomes lose amused him.

At some point the old seer died, and with just his family tying him to the slave masters he vowed to escape. Using his talent with the poisonous plants of the region and a little of that old gnomish penchant for alchemy Scortle brewed up a surprise. He added his concoction to the evening meal, he knew would be shared with the slaves as well as the goblins. And that night many fell to their final reward. Plagued by fever and pain before succumbing to Norborger's will.

There was chaos that night. As the war leader died and infighting began. Many of the slaves escaped, Scortle made sure his family was among them. But having no love for the traditional gnomish way the young poisoner headed his own way, letting his family believe he had perished. Plagued with self-doubt Scortle Illslitherskin wanders with only his own darkness for company.

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