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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Character Seven: Merin Underfoot

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

I had a very clear picture from the background. But the high Wis with low Cha was a real challenge. Finding just the right class and then having the background fall together. In the long run I finally decided on inquisitor. I’ve never played an inquisitor before so I overlooked it for a while. In the long run though, I thought it was the best class for the background I had in mind.

I also rolled on the chart for inquisitors and got:

Zealot - Your devotion is fanatical and your powers are clearly proof of your connection with the divine. Although you know that other gods bestow similar powers upon their own disciples, you either revile or pity those of "lesser" faiths. You gain access to the Zealous Striker faith trait.

All this brought to life the tale of Merin Underfoot.

Merin Underfoot speaks very little of his past. The very few who get to know him well know that he was born into poverty in Cheliax. His family was large and served the church of Asmodues directly. Merin was caught sneaking around by one of the Prince of Laws clergy. The enraged priest used his lord’s dark powers and for a moment killed Merin only to bring him back to life to show him the error of his ways. The Halfling’s parents eventually died and he and his five siblings, including his twin sister, were separated by the church.

Alone and angry, the pain caused by the Asmodean church was too much for Merin to bear. He sunk into a deep self-loathing and spent more time being disciplined for his failures than anything else. Driven by hatred he stalked the cleric that had killed him as a child, intent on killing him but he just couldn't do it. Instead his time watching the now older priest revealed his secrets, and they were enough to drag the Asmodean through the mud. It ruined his reputation and brought tortures upon him that Merin would never imagine performing himself.

Later Merin would escape for but a little while. Spirited away by the Bellflower Network to Westcrown, he could have remained a free being. It was seething hatred for the church of Asmodeus and longing to find his family again, if they were even still alive, that drove the former slave to find a way back. Seeing his zeal, the Church of Milani accepted him into their ranks. An older Halfling named Zera, a mystic of the bloody rose Goddess, took him under her wing. He found guidance from the clergy of The Everbloom and swore an oath to the cause of her church.

Now Merin has returned to Cheliax, where he took his punishment for escaping with stern acceptance. He may have left Merin the slave, but now he returned as Merin the infiltrator. Living within the very walls of the church of Asmodeus, he feeds the Bellflower Network the information they need to stay one step ahead of Cheliaxian agents. Meanwhile he continues searching for the whereabouts of his siblings, hoping to help them escape whatever fate the hated Asmodeans have brought upon them.

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