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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Character Nine: Horguk the Sieger

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

So at this point Unchained came out and I decided to go with the unchained Barbarian using the invulnerable rager archetype. The other thing is: looking over this background one of the first things that came to my head was which god he would follow. He receives the blessing of Varg the Orc, deity of Iron, siege engines, and war. Blessed at birth, destined to become the living siege engine.  That helped pick out some of the mechanical stuff.

Structural Knowledge Religion trait - You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (engineering) checks, and Knowledge (engineering) is a class skill for you.

Earthsense - As a swift action, you can gain tremorsense to a range of 60 feet until the beginning of your next turn. You can use this ability once per day at 1st level, plus one additional time per day at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, to a maximum of five times per day at 20th level.

Basically Varg gives knowledge of buildings so that you may better destroy them. And you cannot hide from me, I can sense your movement.

Starting Feat: Power Attack, and going to move into some fun with Improved Sunder, which is something I've never really used before.

And here you have it: Horguk the Sieger

In the Belzkan Hold either you are a warrior, or you serve. Although much of the labor is done by slaves of various races, the Orcs who cannot fight are treated barely above this chattel. Being born into a family of peasants is never pleasant, and unless you can prove your worth you will be left to rot under the thumb of true orc warriors. That is unless one of the orc gods specifically singles you out as one of his chosen. On the day of his birth Horguk the Sieger was so chosen, one of a set of twins he carried not one, but two recessive traits: Being born half-human while his twin was full orc like the rest of his siblings, and having the blood of stone flow through him. What may have been an inauspicious birth leading to a life of ridicule changed when, as the stony crystal and granite head of the Half-Orc child tore his mother open, a large rocky humanoid form appeared before the family and midwife proclaimed the child the chosen of the god Varg.

The Horguk was raised by his family until he was six and then he was turned over to The Ironbound, worshippers of Varg. The stone born half-breed was instructed in the ways of destruction, his body whipped when he failed. They built inside of him an insatiable rage and an urge to destroy, as well as hardened his already tough body. The Ironbound holy men thought that Horguk would craft their greatest siege engines. What they didn’t expect was that Horguk himself would be their greatest siege engine. His stone body would shrug off the pelting fire of a towns defenders while Horguk’s mighty swings would bring down doors and walls. But that was his destiny, not his present.

For a time before his coming of age, Horguk was also taught the art of destruction by the Shaitan bound to the service of Varg. These beings of rock bestowed upon their earthly kin a horn dedicated to The Iron Warrior. Before he could take down a wall by himself, Horguk learned the true destructive power of Varg as he would destroy solid stone outcroppings with just the sound of the horn. But destruction should be personal, it should be visceral and it means more when dealt by ones own hand. At his coming of age Varg again recalled his Shaitan servitors and the Horn was taken from Horguk and returned to its place in the hall of the orc god.

But for all his training and all his power, there is one thing even a God cannot get between and that is an Orc and his kin. Set to march on a human settlement the Orcs of Horguks tribe allied themselves with others tribes, orc and monsters alike, who sought to expand the borders of their peoples and wipe away the human trash. The stone born half-breed was sent with his twin to siege the town with a pride of Leonine warriors. During the siege Horguk’s brother fell, but the lionmen pressed forward. Horguk stopped to tend to his sibling but the other Orcs and Leonine in his unit attempted to force him to press the siege. In a fit of fury Horguk fought his way past his own troops carrying his brother, and in his betrayal the Leonine commander fell ending the alliance between the lionmen and the Orcs, causing the two tribes to fight each other instead of the human settlement.

Now Horguk, supposedly Chosen of one of his people’s own gods, was cast out for choosing his brother’s life over the battle. He now roams the Belzkan Hold. Clanless. Looking for answers to his own life. Waiting to hear the call of Varg again. Praying for a visit from the Iron Warrior’s Shaitan servants. Anything to make sense of what he has become.

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